When multiple manufacturing locations or supply points are involved, particularly when they are located across countries or regions, Manufacturing Footprint Analysis provides a rigorous methodology to evaluate business choices such as:

  • Optimized location of manufacturing assets and suppliers
  • Expansion or rationalization of a manufacturing base due to market growth or contraction
  • Utilization of existing capacity in light of projected growth
  • Responsiveness of the supply chain to demand dynamics
  • Impacts of duties, tariffs and taxes on international trade

By combining team-centric facilitation of objectives and scenarios, with proven analytical modeling and financial analysis tools to evaluate multiple options, Analytic Impact brings expertise drawn from conducting over 100 footprint analyses in North America, Europe and Asia to drive robust, high ROI decisions.  The analytic methodology utilized and co-developed by Analytic Impact has been recognized as “best in class” by INFORMS as a finalist in the prestigious annual Franz Edelman Competition.

1996 PG Edelman Paper Cover