Glenn Wegryn

Glenn Wegryn 

Principal at Analytic Impact LLC

Glenn led an operations-focused analytic organization at a Fortune 50 Company which brought advanced, rigorous analytical approaches to hundreds of projects around the world – influencing billions of dollars in decisions. The organization was recognized for their achievements as winners of the prestigious INFORMS Prize for most-impactful analytic organization, and was also a 3-time Finalist in the Franz Edelman Award.

Today, he offers his deep leadership expertise gained from 30 years in the exploding field of analytics and offer sage council to organizations looking to gain the competitive advantage analytics can offer them. Glenn brings solid, data-driven actionable strategies and designs that optimize decisions, leading to better top- and bottom-line performance.

As a Certified Analytic Professional, Glenn is recognized as an expert in the field of advanced business analytics, and is frequently requested to contribute to conferences, journals and influence the broader analytic profession.

Glenn's specializations are in manufacturing sourcing analysis, supply network design, inventory management, general management, modeling and analysis, employing best-in-class design methods to boost operating performance in cost, cash and customer service for supply networks.