Analytic Impact provides solid, data-driven actionable strategies and designs that optimize decisions, leading to better top- and bottom-line performance.  Analytic Impact drives value by focusing on the decision-maker – the individual who enables change in an organization.  By utilizing a range of tools, from simple problem structuring methods to advancedmathematical optimization models, the solution is delivered in business-simple terms that are immediately actionable.

Areas of Expertise 

Advanced Business Analytics

The increasing complexity and speed of business today demands better predictive capabilities to anticipate and, importantly be prepared for, an uncertain future.  Advanced analytics leverages statistical and mathematical methods to better assess this business uncertainty and to have an impact on Cost, Cash, Service and Capital Investments.  For example, a business may find some part of its infrastructure – from sales force size to logistics design to computing capability – that can’t sufficiently handle anticipated market growth.  Analytic Impact advises clients on the right analysis approach to dramatically improve operating results.

Analytics Leadership

Recent, dramatic increases in the need to utilize analytics for driving improved business performance has left many organizations with questions such as:  How do we start with analytics?  How do we organize for it?  Who are the partners and methods we should be using?  Do we develop internal capability or outsource it?  How can we get the biggest bang for the investment?  Analytic Impact brings seasoned expertise in the field of analytics, validated via repeated international recognition by an independent professional organization dedicated to applications of advanced analytics.  Analytic Impact provides organizations with guidance on establishing analytics, finding and developing talent (internally and externally), creating strategies for success, developing an analytic sourcing strategy, and running the service like a business to enable organizations to effectively compete with analytics.

Supply Chain Design

Analytic Impact guides business clients in choosing the right supply chain strategies for manufacturing footprint, distribution network design, replenishment strategies and inventory targets for driving best-in-class performance. Expert knowledge, best-in-class methods and practically applied analysis tools at competitive rates makes supply chain strategy implementation accessible to companies of all sizes.


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